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Your scooter does not deserve to be dropped off to random repair-shop, it deserves: the best 


We own more than 40 electric scooters and electric bikes. We use them everyday, so we know how to maintain them and how to do it best 


We are one stop shop for electric scooters, their spare parts and accessories. You do not have to waste your time for searching qualitive spare parts and wait for them


90% of electric scooters are repaired same day


We provide 3 months warranty for repair works


We repair Xiaomi, Segway, E-Twow, Inokim and other electric scooters. 

The most common repair works and their prices: 

  • Visual insected and troubleshooting - FREE OF CHARGE 

  • Tyre inflation - FREE OF CHARGE 

  • Electric scooter tyre change - 10€ (front) 

  • Electric scooter tyre change - 15€ (rear) 

  • Xiaomi M365 dashboard replacement - 11€

  • Elimination of wobble and squeak - from 1€

  • Electric scooter brake adjusting - 5€

  • Brake pads replacement- 10€ 

  • Additional battery and its installation -  nuo 135€ 

  • Replacement of electric scooter folding hook - 15€ (for Xiaomi M365 scooters)

*Prices are without spare parts

If You are a company which is looking for reliable and professional electric scooter repair partner - feel free to contact us

Elektriniu pasirtuku remontas - SHIFT.LT
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